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"There is a Difference in Ice Cream!"


300 Wooster Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050


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(740) 326-6768

Round Hill Dairy Recommended by Restaurant Guru

Our Mission

Round Hill Dairy is dedicated to serving a superior product through friendly and personable service, while providing an unforgettable experience for all guests. We strive to provide this level of service through integrity, respect, and dedication. Our team will embody these principles with motivated, passionate, and humble personalities for all who come in contact with Round Hill Dairy. We challenge ourselves to provide the best overall experience by using our knowledge and commitment to excel in all we do.  

Our Story

In 1946, Henry L. Curtis and Alice Curtis were about to start a business that would have a lasting impact on Mount Vernon, Ohio. 


Henry’s father, Walter Curtis, sold milk from their family farm, Round Hill Farm. All milk was produced by their Jersey cows and delivered to homes around Mount Vernon by horse and buggy. In addition to running Round Hill Farm, Walter also oversaw The Curtis Hotel while Henry was away during World War II. After Walter passed, Henry came home from the war with dreams to expand the dairy alongside with Alice. 


In 1948, the dream of expanding the family dairy farm, became a reality. Henry and Alice started to pasteurize and homogenize milk in their small dairy processing building located by The Curtis Mansion.

Our Community

The settlement of Mount Vernon was established in 1805 by Joseph Walker, Thomas B. Patterson and Benjamin Butler. The county (Knox) was organized in 1808. The inhabitants were from Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In honor of the general, and President, the community was named after George Washington’s famous home. The town was platted in 1805.

Mount Vernon became a Village in 1830, a town in 1845 and a city in 1880. Mount Vernon has developed into a thriving community. The downtown area has been, and continues to be, renovated with the exterior facades rehabilitated and a vigorous effort to maintain and preserve the many older buildings in the area. Mount Vernon renovated the Woodward Opera House, the oldest known “free-standing” opera house in the nation.

Mount Vernon Best Hometown
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