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Featured Farmers

Ohio Proud

Did you know that there are 2,948 dairy farms in Ohio alone? Of those farms, eleven supply Round Hill Dairy with their milk in order to make you a superior product! We would like to introduce you to the faces behind what makes Round Hill Dairy Ohio Proud.

Seedorf Dairy Farm

The Seedorf's

Their Dairy farm, Sunnyville Farms LLC, has been in operation since 1895 where fourth and fifth generation Seedorfs are continuing their family’s tradition in the dairy industry. 


Sunnyville Farms milk 110 Holstein cows with a robotic milking machine that keeps their cows comfortable, promotes good udder health, and allows the family to closely monitor their health.


In 1995, the farm was recognized as a Centennial Farm. They also earned a stewardship award from the Soil and Water Conservation. 


“It is nice to see our local products on the shelf in the grocery stores”. – Mark Seedorf

The Norden's

The Norden family has maintained their farming operation since 1905 where they milk 50-55 Holstein cows three times a day. 


Through the years the family’s values have remained consistent, “work hard and continue to be dedicated to the industry.” 


They received the Century Farm Award, and collect 99 pounds of milk from their cows daily!


“If everyone knew how much work we put in to taking care of our cows, there would be less fear of agriculture” – Terry Norden

Norden Dairy Farm
M Bok Dairy Farm

The M. Bok's

The Boks milk 47 Holstein cows where they collect 70 pounds of milk per cow!


Their family is active in the community, with their grandchildren participating in their local fair to giving their neighbors a helping hand.


Over the years, the Bok family has realized the importance of working together. 


“It takes a lot of hard work when trying to make a good product, and we can tell you; we are trying our best” -- John Bok

The Huener's

Lawrence Huener and his son, Victor, run the farm with the same family values that have been passed down for 150 years. 


Lawrence and Victor milk 50 Holstein cows twice a day to ensure animal comfort and a high quality product. 


The Hueners’ want the public to be aware that producers are working hard to keep their cows clean in order to ensure a clean, wholesome product.

Huener Dairy Farm
Huener Dairy Farm
Vandermade Dairy Farm

The VanderMade's

The VanderMade family owns and operates VanderMade Dairy and FreshMade Dairy where they milk Holstein cows. 


They VanderMade's are second generation farmers of VanderMade Dairy and first generation to farmers of the new, FreshMade Dairy facility.


“We want consumers to know that we invest countless hours each and every day to provide high quality milk and milk products to them in the most respectable manner possible by adapting the highest standards of animal care and sustainability.” – Lambert VanderMade

The Sprow's

The family dairy started in 1952 with Wayne Sprow. Today, the farm has been passed down to brothers Steve and Jeff Sprow where they milk about 50 Holstein cows. 


The Sprow family has noticed changes in the dairy industry over the years, but says they “will continue to adapt the little things, but are proud of what we have done on the farm. We will work to keep our farm running and looking nice.”

Sprow Dairy Farm
Kahle Dairy Farm

The Khale's

The Khale Brothers Dairy Farm has been in operation for nearly 200 years after it got its start in 1834. 


The farm is run by brothers Norm and Dave along with Norm’s son, Steve and his wife Briana, and Norm and Ranae’s six daughters. 


Together, the family milks upwards to 80 Holstein cows while growing and harvesting crops. 


The Kahles’ commitment to their farm has been recognized by Soil and Water conservation.

“...the cows are kept comfortable and well cared for each day to ensure the best quality product for the consumers.” --Steve Kahle

The Wilhelm's

The Wilhelm family farm has been milking cows since 1942 where they started with only six cows. Over the years, there operation has grown and are milking 50 cows two times a day. 


Their farm also includes a 10 acre  apple orchard. The Wilhelm family is involved in their county 4-H program and sponsors the dairy trophy at the fair each year. 


“Farming teaches good work ethic, as there is a lot of hard work that goes into any type of farming.” -- the Wilhelm Men 

Wilhelm Dairy Farm
Inkrott Dairy Farm

The Inkrott's

Established in 1878, the Inkrott family farm has cultivated crops, vegetables and hay. Through the years the farm has housed horses, hogs and chickens, but dairy has remained a constant. 


Dave Inkrott and his father, Ralph, work beside one another daily, something Dave considers a blessing. 


Dave is a part of a Century Farm and has been recognized through the Soil and Water Conservation. In the community,  Inkrott family helps out with the Miller City FFA program.


“Arps products are as good as ever, all of the milk we produce is of the highest quality. Consumers can rest easy knowing they are getting our best products to provide to their families.” --Dave Inkrott

The S. Bok's

The Bok family farm began in 1980 with Sam Bok. Today, the family farm milk 380 Jersey cows on their 1,200 acre farm. 


The Bok family all agree that dairy farming is a lifestyle. Their dedication has been recognized by being awarded for top producing cows in their area. 


“We are producing high quality milk that in turn is being used to create great tasting dairy products for our community.”

Child Feeding Calf
Cattle at Sunrise

The Paxton's

The family farm started in 1959 with two cows that Ron Paxton’s mother and father  received as a wedding gift from his grandfather!


Today, Ron and manager Laurie milk 60 Shorthorn/Holstein cows twice a day.


Occasionally, the Paxton farm invites young children to try bottle feeding the baby calves and hand milking.

“California isn’t the only place with happy cows.  Our cows are well cared for and in return they provide us with good quality and an even better tasting product.” – Ron Paxton

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